BTL Landlords and Latest Developments

Following on from our earlier article regarding EPC’s, the Government have confirmed that from 1st February 2016 Landlords will now need to ensure they check the immigration status of their tenants.

The Immigration Act 2014 prohibits private landlords to rent premises to those that do not have a right to occupy. These can include people whom are not from the UK, EEA or Switzerland or those that do not have a right to rent.

A person does not have a right to rent if they require leave to enter or remain in the UK and do not have it, or they have leave but it is subject to conditions that prevent them from occupying the premises.

The penalties can be severe with a maximum fine of up to £3,000 for non-compliance. It is essential to note that if your tenant has a right to rent that is time limited, the obligation to check the status of tenants continues throughout their occupancy, which may extend beyond their right to rent period.

For further information please contact Matt Rimmer or Ben Kerley.