Family Law Symposium – 15th March 2017

Our Senior Partner and Collaborative Practitioner, Tim Guppy, participated in the Bournemouth University Family Law Symposium. This was an event jointly hosted by the University and local Collaborative Groups and involved Members of the Local Judiciary, Collaborative Practitioners, Mediators, Solicitors, Therapists, law students and other interested parties.

The event considered and contrasted the Court approach to resolving children and financial remedy issues arising as a consequence of a divorce as against the various alternate dispute resolution options. The university students conducted a moot Court adjudicated by a District Judge. There was a Collaborative Law demonstration and a Mediation illustration.

Tim received many plaudits for his role as the disgruntled husband, “Ian Humber”.

The event showed how the non-adversarial approach of Collaborative (and Mediation) enabled the parties to receive an outcome that was sought by them both without the acrimony of the Court proceedings and at a significantly cheaper cost and more expediently.   As is often the case, the outcome imposed by the District Judge was not one required by either party.