Pengillys mutual Solicitor/Client Pledge

Pengillys have been solicitors in Weymouth for over 125 years and as such pride ourselves on providing the best legal service we
can. To achieve this we seek to consistently assess our methods of service with a view to updating them where we believe we
will provide a better service to our client. This includes, but is not limited to, rapidly evolving technological developments.

We also benefit from regulation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are fully accredited under the Law Society’s legal
excellence scheme (LEXCEL) and Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).

As per our terms of business if you are not satisfied with the service we offer we have a complaints procedure to follow available
from our website including details of the Legal Ombudsman.

What we will do for you:

  1. We will respect you and your instructions throughout your retainer with us
  2. We will endeavour to use plain English in all our dealings with you and to be clear, polite and straightforward in our
    communications with you
  3. We will try to explain any unfamiliar legal terms or jargon as best we can so please ask us if you do not understand any
  4. We will let you know who is working on your file at any one time and how your file will be covered in any foreseen
  5. We will outline what work is required and the projected costs of the work as your matter progresses
  6. We will inform you of the issues and key developments on your case as they arise
  7. We will reply as promptly as we can to your queries and calls/emails
  8. We will seek to accommodate your needs as regards timings and access to our offices

You will have expectations of us as a firm and we will have expectations of you as a client, it is important to exchange those
views early on (and this charter is the start of that exchange) both at the start of our relationship with you and then again at the
outset of each piece of legal work we undertake for you. This helps build trust, manage expectations and avoid any
misunderstandings or surprises for both you and us.

What we expect from you as clients:

  1. As we will treat you with respect as per the above we expect all our staff to be treated with respect
  2. To work with us to achieve your objectives
  3. To recognise that we have multiple clients all aiming to achieve their objectives
  4. To recognise and respect that we will return your emails and calls as soon as reasonably practicable but it may not be
    that day, and that just because some communications are replied to swiftly that does not set a precedent for future
  5. To give us clear instructions and provide the entire background to the case
  6. To recognise that we have professional, statutory and regulatory standards we must adhere to and that we need your
    co-operation in meeting those standards
  7. For conveyancing clients, to recognise that:
    a. We have lender clients on occasion to whom we owe the same duty of care as we do to you
    b. There are multiple stakeholders involved in a chain and we are only one small part of that
  8. To note and appreciate that we have an obligation to carry out identification and anti money laundering checks on all
    our clients
  9. To reply promptly to requests for information and to settle our fees


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