Commercial property

Our property department deals with many different types of business premises including shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs and industrial units. We have extensive knowledge of the law and practical issues affecting business property whether freehold or leasehold.

The majority of business premises are held on leases and the lease itself is usually long and complex. We have advised on commercial leases for many years both at local and national levels. We know that it is essential from the point of view of both the landlord and tenant to understand the terms of the lease and avoid committing yourselves, often for many years, to terms which may significantly affect the viability of the business or the return on the landlord’s investment.

We have for many years specialised in the sale and purchase of hotels, restaurants and public houses. Due to our reputation in these areas, we often act for clients on the recommendation of other commercial professionals, who recognise that this work involves issues that are not commonly encountered with other commercial property.

Many business property acquisitions will involve bank finance. This often mean the banks taking a mortgage on the premises (or other premises) as security. Again we have extensive experience in dealing with the lenders legal requirements which is vitally important to the timescale and successful conclusion of the transaction.

We also advise on a wide range of other business property matters such as mortgages, options, licences, lease renewals, franchises and joint ventures.

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Guide to Commercial Leases

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