Refund policy

Online Payments

If a client sends us money via Worldpay and requests a return of the money, we can offer them a refund minus any of Worldpay/Streamline costs and after taking into account any time costs and disbursements incurred in relation to the matter to that time unless we are prevented from doing so by law.

If you need any assistance with a payment you have made please contact our Accounts team on 01305 768888

Payment of Third Party Fees

We do not and cannot accept payment towards third party fees such as search fees, counsel fees, shortfall payments, or mortgage deposits. If you do make a payment of this type and misuse our system in this way, your payment will be refunded which could take up to ten working days, and could result in significant delays to your case. If you have queries regarding this, please contact our Accounts team 01305 768888 for more information.