Divorce and separation


If your marriage has broken down, we will guide and support you through the divorce process.  After much delay, the new divorce system, commonly referred to as the ‘no-fault divorce system’ has finally come into effect via the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. The new system is designed to make the process of divorce less adversarial and will hopefully assist the parties in reducing their legal costs in the long run. It has also garnered significant support, both from practitioners and legal institutions such as the Law Society.

The process is commenced with an application, which can be made by one party or jointly,  before pronouncement of the Conditional Order and confirmation of the divorce with a Final Order. 

Financial remedies

We have considerable expertise in the resolution of all types of financial disputes arising from a relationship or marriage breakdown. We can advise in relation to maintenance obligations, child support considerations, lump sum, property adjustment and pensions.

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